UUP Delegate Assembly Support Resolution for AAUP-Wright State Faculty Strike

Special Order of Business for Winter 2019 DA

UUP Delegate Assembly Support Resolution for

AAUP-Wright State Faculty Strike


Whereas, after two years of failed negotiations, management has attempted to impose a contract onto the Wright State University faculty represented by the AAUP-Wright State union,

Whereas, such a contract is not the result of a collective-bargaining agreement and is onerous, including but not limited to a drastic change in health insurance unilaterally imposed, furloughs, lengthening the time to continuing appointment, canceling workloads agreement, no pay raise, merit pay at supervisors’ discretion, and changes in summer teaching with negative impacts, 

Whereas, the members of the Wright State union overwhelmingly voted to strike beginning on January 22, 2019 and have continued to strike and picket in exceptionally cold winter weather, reported to be the longest higher education strike in Ohio history,

Whereas, the State Employment Relations Board for Ohio has ruled against management and for the union that the strike is legal, and

Whereas, the President of the United University Professions Fred Kowal has written a strong supportive letter to the Wright State strikers and its union, which is published on the AAUP-Wright State union website,


Affirms President Kowal’s letter to the AAUP-Wright State Union and directs a similar letter to be directed to the Wright State University President, its Board of Trustees, as well as to the Governor and leadership of the Senate and House of the Ohio State Legislature, copied to the union,

Offers to send a delegation from UUP for a rally for the faculty strikers organized by the Wright State union,

Encourages academic and professional members of UUP to write personal letters of support to the AAUP-Wright State faculty union and to the President of Wright State University,

Encourages volunteer financial contributions by UUP members, to reinforce the financial support UUP provides from its funds, and

Encourages the Executive Board of UUP to authorize such continued vigilance for supportive actions that it deems appropriate until the strike is settled, including but not limited to financial support for strike materials, helping in advertising and distributing the position of the strikers, and such other concrete supports as needed.


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