Statement of Support from the Lecturers Employee Organization at the University of Michigan

LEO Union [U of Michigan]I’m writing to tell you that LEO, representing full-time and part-time Lecturers on the three campuses of the University of Michigan, stands with you in your struggle to protect your members from paying an unacceptable price for bad decisions made by your Administration.   Those mistakes are now compounded by their effort to intimidate your members with threats of permanent striker replacements.   Perhaps, as Howard Bunsis suggested in our conversation last night, their real agenda is to bust the union.

However that may be, we support your fight.   Our Union Council voted today to contribute $500 to your strike fund.   What is the best way to get that money to your union?

I am planning to share your story with LEO members, as well as delegates to the Huron Valley Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, which represents about 15,000 union members in a four-county area.

In solidarity,

Ian Robinson, President

LEO, AFT-MI 6244

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