AAUP-WSU Files Unfair Labor Practice and Motion to Expedite Investigation

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Unfair Labor Practice Charge (AAUP Wright State Univ.) Jan 10, 2019

Motion to Expedite Investigation (AAUP Wright State Univ.) Jan 10, 2019

And here is part of a related item reported by Rhonda Moore for FOX45Now/WKEF/WRGT:

While a possible faculty strike looms at Wright State University, a new controversy has sparked over an email sent by the university’s Human Resources Department.

The school asked faculty members to tell them if they’ll be walking the picket line. The union said that’s illegal, and is calling the email “fear mongering”.

A Wright State spokesman said the university is sure the email is legal, that it did not break the law.

“This was a sort of union busting move,” American Association of University Professors’ Noeleen McIlvenna said.

Noeleen McIllvenna is the union spokeswoman. She said the sore spot was asking employees if they intend to work or not during a strike.

“The part of it that was really scary was they said, ‘If we don’t hear from you, we will assume you will be on strike on January 22, and we’ll stop paying you salary and benefits,'” said McIlvenna.

The union then sent its members another email.

“To point out that we had contacted our attorney and that there was absolutely no basis to this threat,” she said.

ABC 22/FOX 45 showed the human resource email to a third party, an independent labor attorney.

“In my opinion, I don’t think it’s legal,” attorney John Doll said.

Doll said Wright State can communicate with its employees about proposals during negotiations.

“This is well past the proposal stage, now we’re in a situation where the faculty is in the process of taking a strike vote,” he said.

He believes that’s unlawful interference.

“They’re trying to intimidate people by dealing directly with them and that’s a further violation,” Doll said.

The complete article is available at:





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