Letter on Resolution of the Strike from Paul Davis, Chair of the AAUP-CBC

AAUP-CBC Letterhead

February 14, 2019

Marty Kich

Wright State University AAUP-WSU

113 Medical Sciences

Dayton, OH 45435-0001


Dear Wright State AAUP Chapter,

As the Chairperson of the National AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress I want to thank all of you for the effort you put into your recent strike. All of you must know that this action was not only about the issues at Wright State. You represented every member of the AAUP, and likely symbolized every college educator across this nation. Your fight was everyone’s fight.

I know that the last several weeks and probably the last several months have been extraordinarily difficult, but you stood proud. The passion and fortitude you have shown us is beyond inspiring. When I look back at my time in this office one of the moments that I will remember most will be watching, and even a few times walking with you. The enthusiasm you maintained during your strike, especially in the weather elements you endured was beyond belief.

If you need to know if you were successful read the lyrics of “Teach Your Children” by Crosby, Stills, and Nash. During the time you were not in the classroom many will argue that you were not doing your job and were hurting your students. By carrying out your strike for the principles you – and all AAUP CBC members—fight for, you taught them an important life lesson. You stood strong for the quality of instruction and higher education as a common good. As the strong student support throughout the strike made clear, your principles are ultimately their principles too.

Sincerely, Paul Davis

CBC Chairperson

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