Statement of Support from the Faculty Board at the University of Dayton

Dear Colleagues and Members of the Community,

The Faculty Board at the University of Dayton are the elected representatives of the members of our Faculty Association, which comprises all full-time faculty. We are writing to express our support for the faculty at Wright State University who are demanding a fair contract, and urge the WSU administration to negotiate in good faith to end this dispute.

The AAUP-WSU has been attempting to negotiate a fair contract since January 2017. We are concerned that Wright State University’s administrators are undermining the basic job security provided to other faculty in Ohio and the nation. We are also concerned with the failure of administrators to compromise or participate in a fair collective bargaining process. The disputes at WSU will not only have a dire impact on students, but the campus and community at large will also suffer because they rely on the important role that the institution plays in the Miami Valley.

We stand in solidarity with our WSU colleagues in recognition of the importance of their mission to provide quality teaching, research, and service. For those of you interested in supporting Wright State faculty, you can find the latest news and information on how to do so below:,


Signed, University of Dayton’s Faculty Board

Faculty Board Membership (Spring 2019):

Atif Abueida, Mathematics (At Large Rep)

Christopher Agnew, chair, History (Arts and Humanities Rep)

Maureen Anderson (Libraries Rep)

Philip Appiah-Kubi (Engineering Rep)

Debbie Archambeault, Accounting (Business School Rep)

Sam Dorf, Music (At Large Rep)

Denise James, Philosophy (At Large Rep)

Caroline Waldron Merithew, History (Arts and Humanities Rep)

Leno Pedrotti, secretary, Physics (Natural Sciences Rep)

Blake Watson (School of Law Rep)

Andrea Wells, Music (Full-time Non-tenure Track Rep)

Catherine Zois, Psychology (Social Sciences Rep)


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