January 2019

“Wright State Faculty Union Strike amidst Federal Investigation and Ethics Issues.” [PDF]
Market Watch 19 Jan. 2019.

“Offers to Negotiate Union Contract at Wright State Lead Nowhere.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News 18 Jan. 2018.

“WSU Faculty Union Won’t Call Off Strike until Deal Is Reached, University Says It’s Not Possible.”
John Bush. Dayton Business Journal 18 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Union Strike–What Students Should Know.” [PDF]
April Laissle and Jess Mador. WYSO 18 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Offers to Start Negotiating New Contract; Union Declines.” [PDF]
WHIO 17 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Union Starts Scheduling Picketers for Strike.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News 16 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Officials Focused On Contingency Plans Ahead of Scheduled Strike.” [PDF]
April Laissle. WYSO 16 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Members Organize Petition of No Confidence in Board of Trustees.” [PDF]
WKEF/WRGT: ABC22Now Dayton 16 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State: What We Know about a Possible Faculty Strike.” [PDF]
Dayton Daily News 15 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Union Votes to Strike.” [PDF]
Kim Allen. WDTN Dayton 14 Jan. 2018.

“Wright State Faculty Union, Administration in Strike Stalemate.” [PDF]
Max Filby and Richard Wilson. Dayton Daily News 14 Jan. 2019.

“Union Representing WSU Faculty Votes to Strike; Strike to Begin January 22.” [PDF]
Christina Schaefer and Rachel Aragon. WKEF Dayton: ABC22Now 14 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Union Votes to Authorize Strike.” [PDF]
Dayton Daily News 14 Jan. 2018.

“Wright State Faculty Union Sets Strike Date after Final Membership Vote.”
John Bush. Dayton Business Journal 14 Jan. 2019.

“Faculty Union Members Vote to Authorize Strike.” [PDF]
Sarah Cavender. Guardian [Wright State Student Newspaper] 14 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Union Files Complaint as Strike Date Nears.” [PDF]
Dayton Daily News 12 Jan. 2019.

“What Will Trigger Furloughs at Wright State? New ‘Cost Savings’ Policy Explained.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News 10 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State May Have to Submit Strike Plan to Oversight Group.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News 10 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Students Prepare for Planned Faculty Strike.” [PDF]
April Laissle. WYSO Radio 10 Jan. 2019

“Email Sparks Controversy as Wright State Faculty Considers Going on Strike.” [PDF]
WKEF Dayton: ABC22Now 10 Jan. 2019.

“WSU Faculty Moves Closer to Strike.” [PDF]
Carol Simmons. Yellow Springs News  10 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Strike Could Cause Problems for Enrollment, Finances.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News 09 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State classes to Start Next Week despite Possible Strike.”
Max Filby and Holly Shively. Dayton Daily News 08 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Union to Strike: What You Need to Know Now.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News  07 Jan. 2019.

“WSU Faculty Union to File Strike Notice.” [PDF]
Tom Stankard and William Kincaid. Celina Daily Standard 07 Jan. 2019.

“WSU Faculty Union to File Ten-Day Strike Notice Monday.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News 06 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty File to Strike.” [PDF]
Judith Retana. WDTN Dayton 06 Jan. 2019.

“Union Representing Wright State Faculty Will File to Strike.” [PDF]
WHIO Channel 7 Dayton 05 Jan. 2019.

October 2018

Issue of Right Flier

“Hundreds of Faculty Protest at Board of Trustees Meeting.” [PDF]
Lucas Gonzalez. Guardian [Wright State Student Newspaper] 23 Oct. 2018.

“WSU Teachers Union Protest at University Board of Trustees Meeting.” [PDF]
Rhonda Moore. WKEF Dayton: ABC22Now 19 Oct. 2018.

“WSU Faculty Protest Contract Negotiations during BOT Meeting.” [PDF]
Catherine Ross. WDTN News, Channel 2, Dayton 19 Oct. 2018.

“Wright State Financial Chief Says School Will Avoid Fiscal Watch.” [PDF]
Max Filby Dayton Daily News 16 Oct. 2018.

August 2018

Possible Strike ‘Not a Step That We Would Take Lightly,’ WSU Faculty Union Says.” [PDF]
Kristen Escow. WDTN News, Channel 2, Dayton 22 Aug. 2018. [Includes Video Segment.]

“Wright State Faculty Union Threatens to Strike in October.”
Max Filby Dayton Daily News 22 Aug. 2018.
WHIO News, Channel 7, Dayton. [Includes Video Segment.]

The news story was picked up by the Associated Press and reprinted in the following major newspapers and news sites:

APSCUF on Twitter

Boston 25 News

Chicago Tribune

Houston Chronicle

Jacksonville Journal-Courier

Miami Herald

New York Daily News

San Francisco Chronicle (SF Gate)

Seattle PI

US News and World Report

USA Today [Under Ohio News]

Washington Times (DC)

WBNS 10 TV Columbus

WSYX ABC 6 Dayton

WTOL CBS 11 Toledo

WXIX FOX 19 Cincinnati

WYSO Dayton

It was also reprinted in the following less widely circulated newspapers and news sites:

Wright State Retirees Association

Alton Telegraph (IL)

Argus Press (MI)

Bristol Herald-Courier (VA)

Bryan Times (OH)

Clay Center Dispatch (KS)

Edwardsville Intelligencer (IL)

Fort Bend Herald (TX)

Fresno Bee (CA)

Huntington Herald-Dispatch (WV)

Huron Daily Tribune (MI)

Montgomery County Courier (TX)

New Milford Spectrum (CT)

Norwalk Hour (CT)

Midland Reporter-Telegram (TX)

New Haven Register (CT)

Plainview Daily Herald (TX)

Republic (IN)

Stamford Advocate (CT)

Urbana Daily Citizen (OH)

March 2017

“Job Perks: Wright State Bonus Package Revealed for New President.” [PDF]
Max Filby. Dayton Daily News 07 Mar. 2017.