Letter of Support from the Cincinnati State AAUP Chapter

cincinnati state aaup

To Marty Kich and the members of WSU-AAUP:

The faculty of Cincinnati State AAUP stand in support of our colleagues at Wright State University and your resolve to achieve a fair contract that protects your collective bargaining rights.

Our one-week faculty strike in 2011 brought many challenges, and all of us who lived that experience can “feel your pain” as your strike continues. However, we don’t regret having taken a stand when it was essential, in order to preserve our collective bargaining rights and maintain the quality of education at our institution.

We know from experience that faculty don’t go on strike for raises– faculty go on strike when it’s the last and only way to demonstrate to trustees and administrators that faculty are dedicated to the mission of the institution– by doing what’s necessary to preserve the institutional attributes that allow faculty to offer the highest quality educational experiences for our students.

We ask that the Wright State trustees and administration return to the bargaining table in good faith, to negotiate a reasonable settlement that will bring an end to the strike.

We stand with the faculty in your fight for the future of education at Wright State University.

Pam Ecker
President, Cincinnati State AAUP


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