#fighting4wright at the Ohio Statehouse and ODHE

On Friday, February 8, more than 75 Wright State AAUP members, members of Students4Faculty, and allies gathered first at the Ohio Statehouse and then at the Ohio Department of Higher Education to bring the causes of the three-week-long faculty strike directly to the attention of lawmakers.

At the Statehouse, Faculty Senate President Travis Doom and AAUP-WSU leaders Gretchen McNamara and Kate Excoffin talked about the brain drain that Wright State is experiencing due to the contract impasse and the eagerness of  striking faculty to get back to work, their students and research. Students Caitilyin Ward and Elyse Angle gave moving accounts of students’ hardships on account of the B term and the loss of GI bill assistance. They also talked about intimidation by the administration and suppression of free speech. The Chancellor of Higher Education Randy Gardner, Senator Tina Maharath, Rep Beth Liston, and Rep Allison Russo also attended in response to calls made by members.

The letters of support from the Democratic caucuses of the ohio Senate and the Ohio House were released in conjunction with this protest.

2019-02-08 1 Bus Ride to Columbus

Some people carpooled; others traveled in a chartered bus.

2019-02-08 2 At the Ohio Statehouse 1

AAUP-WSU members and supporters on the Statehouse steps.

2019-02-08 3 March from Statehouse to ODHE

Marching from the Statehouse to ODHE.

2019-02-08 4 At ODHE

Filling the lobby of the ODHE building.


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