Letter of Support from Dayton Education Association

Dayton Education Association

January 29, 2019


With the unanimous support of the Dayton Education Association Executive  Board, I am writing today on behalf of our 1,000 Members, to let you know you have our support in your fight for a fair contract. We are following your fight and making in-kind donations to the cause. The unfair tactics that the trustees have employed to try to pull you apart have not worked and of that you can be proud. We are proud of you as you continue to stand for what is right.

As such, and as an additional gesture of the support of the Dayton Education Association, we will be sending a donation of $100.00 to AAUP-WSU in the hopes that you can continue to work to bring this to a quick and successful resolution.

David A. Romick

President, Dayton Education Association


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