Letter of Support from Temple Association of University Professionals

temple u assoc of univ professionals

24 January 2019


Rudy Fichtenbaum, President

American Association of University Professors

1133 Nineteenth St., NW, Suite 200

Washington, DC 20036


Dear President Fichtenbaum,

On behalf of TAUP (AFT Local 4531), I write to express the solidarity of our 3000-plus faculty members, librarians, and academic professionals in your struggle for a just contract.

As your members bravely stand on the picket lines, we know that you are fighting for a vision of education that truly serves your students and the values of that must be at the heart of the university—among them, academic freedom, just compensation of both full-time and part-time faculty, and satisfactory working conditions. As you have seen the number of full-time faculty drop as administrative bloat and frivolous spending continue to creep upward, you have rightly said, “Enough!”

While you—the people who teach the classes and generate the research and creative work—have been bargaining in good faith, Wright State administration has not, instead shamefully trying to impose an unfair contract upon you.

Know that we at TAUP and, as is clear from the other letters of support you’ve received, your Union siblings from across the country see what is really going on here, and we stand with you in this fight!


Steve Newman, Ph.D.

President, TAUP


cc: Martin Kich, President, Wright State University AAUP

Alyssa Picard, AFT Higher Ed


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