Letter of Support from Chris Mabe, President, OCSEA/AFSCME


January 23, 2019

Sara Kilpatrick, Executive Director
Ohio Conference of the American Association of University Professors
222 East Town St., 2W
Columbus, OH 43215


Dear Sara Kilpatrick,

On behalf of the largest state employees’ union in Ohio with 30,0000 members, we write in support of your efforts to bring the Wright State University administration back to the table to negotiate a fair contract in good faith.

We know that efforts to weaken collective bargaining by making unilateral changes or taking away your ability to negotiate provisions such as health care do not serve the interests of your bargaining unit members. Nor does weakening collective bargaining in general serve workers throughout Ohio.

We know what happened when lawmakers tried to take away our ability to bargain our union contracts under Senate Bill 5. We worked hard to educate Ohioans about the importance of collective bargaining for Ohio’s economic prosperity. And has a result, Ohioans spoke out at the voting booth in large numbers against that attack.

When anyone’s rights at the bargaining table are weakened, it hurts all Ohioans, not just your union’s. When unions are strong, and when workers rise together, Ohio is made stronger.

While many public sector unionized employees were hurt by the recession in 2008, the economy has rebounded according to all economic measures, and workers around the country are finally getting their due. That’s why it’s particularly troublesome that Wright State is taking this hard-line tactic that imposes furlough days, takes away your ability to negotiate health care and doesn’t allow some wage “make up” given the austerity of the previous years.

We call on your administration and board of trustees do what is right and come back to the table for further negotiations.

Know that thousands of Ohio public workers support your efforts at getting back to the table to negotiate a better contract and are standing by your side during this trying time, including the Ohio Civil Service Employees Association.

Please let us know how we can help in your efforts.

In Solidarity,

Chris Mabe


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