Letter of Support from Becky Higgins, President, Ohio Education Association

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January 23, 2019

Sara Kilpatrick, Executive Director

Ohio Conference of the American Association of University Professors

222 East Town St., 2W

Columbus, OH 43215


Dear Sara,

On behalf of the 122,000 members of the Ohio Education Association (OEA), I write in solidarity with the Wright State University (WSU) faculty who have been forced to go on strike because of the actions of WSU administration and the Board of Trustees. In the strongest terms possible, we urge the administration to come back to the negotiating table and bargain in good faith.

OEA’s members around the state know that negotiating a fair contract is an important part of standing up for our students. The issues at stake for the Wright State faculty resonate with us all. Class size and workload directly impact our ability to teach and serve our students. Having a real voice in the workplace is the best way to advocate for our students. Earning a fair wage and benefits are what we need and deserve as professionals. Anything less hampers the ability to attract and retain professional educators and hurts our students, families and communities.

Around the country and throughout our state, educators are standing up to demand fair treatment, respect, and the resources they need to support students. Overwhelmingly, the public supports professional educators. So too, we stand with the faculty at Wright State.

Once again, we urge the administration to resume bargaining. The hardworking and dedicated faculty of AAUP-WSU have the full support of our members, their brothers and sisters, throughout Ohio.

In Solidarity,

Becky Higgins

President, Ohio Education Association


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