Letter from University of Cincinnati AAUP Chapter to President Schrader



January 16, 2019


PO Box 210176 ● University of Cincinnati ● Cincinnati, OH 45221-0176


Dear Dr. Schrader,

The University of Cincinnati Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, representing over 1,600 faculty members, condemns the unilateral imposition of a contract on the full-time teaching faculty represented by AAUP-WSU. We urge you and the Board of Trustees to come back to the table and negotiate in good faith to find common ground for a fair contract for both the Faculty and the University.

For those of us who have watched this situation unfold, it’s clear that Wright State University has faced troubling budgetary issues for the past several years. The University’s poor decisions have placed significant strain on its financial resources. Additionally, it must be noted that compensation and benefits for full-time faculty had nothing to do with these issues.

Nevertheless, it appears that the administration wants faculty to make major concessions to cover for its mistakes.

It’s even more disheartening to know that the AAUP-WSU members have been willing to negotiate permanent and short-term financial concessions. They clearly understand the situation at WSU and know lean times are ahead. What they cannot do, and what they should never do, is allow you and the Board of Trustees to use this financial mess to eviscerate the collective bargaining agreement.

WSU exists for the common good of the community it serves. Where would it be without a strong, committed Faculty? Again, we strongly urge the WSU administration to abandon the reckless imposed contract approved by the Board of Trustees and come back to the negotiating table.


AAUP-UC Executive Council



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