Letter from APSCUF to President Schrader


Jan. 16, 2019

Wright State University Dr. Cheryl Schrader University Hall 250

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy Dayton, OH 45435-0001


Dear Dr. Schrader:

On behalf of the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF), which represents the more than 5,500 faculty and coaches employed at the 14 universities comprising Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education, I write to express our full support for the faculty at Wright State University and to request that you honor the AAUP chapter’s demand for the university administration to bargain in good faith.

APSCUF understands that the budget situation at Wright State is largely the result of poor management. Regardless, your faculty still provided a menu of concessions that demonstrates their commitment to the university and their students. Ignoring those concessions and imposing a contract that punishes the faculty does not serve your students well. The conditions under which faculty work are the conditions under which students learn, and the imposition of a contract does nothing but weaken those conditions.

Please do not underestimate the will of the faculty and their unity. In 2016, the State System of Higher Education doubted our solidarity, and the result was a successful strike. We are certain that the students at Wright State will support their faculty the same way our students supported us. But your faculty do not want to go on strike. They want your administration to rescind your administration’s unilateral action and to bargain fairly. As Marty Kich (AAUP-WSU president) has said, your faculty “have a deep interest in the long-term viability” of Wright State University.

For the sake of the university reputation, current and future students, and your future relations with your faculty, we strongly urge you to rethink your decision and to bargain fairly with your faculty.


Dr. Kenneth M. Mash APSCUF president


CC: Martin Kich, President AAUP – WSU

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