Letter to President Schrader from Kent State University’s AAUP Chapter

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January 15, 2019

Dear Dr. Schrader,

The Kent State University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors stands in support of the faculty at Wright State University and the AAUP-WSU. The WSU faculty highly value their students and the WSU community and do not wish to strike; however, the faculty cannot be expected to continue working in the current environment at WSU.

The responsibility for the financial problems at WSU is solely with the administration’s mishandling of resources. It is unfortunate that the administration insists on passing this burden onto the faculty, students, and community members who will also suffer from the breakdown in transparency and trust that is so vital between faculty and administration. Repairing this relationship is of the utmost importance.

The KSU-AAUP finds it disingenuous that within the imposed contract the administration has nullified workload agreements, can now arbitrarily assign merit pay, and has threatened the job security and promotion eligibility of the non-tenure eligible faculty. The provisions for merit pay and NTE job security were not necessary for the financial sustainability of WSU and demonstrate a lack of consideration for the expert faculty who have dedicated their careers to the university and students of WSU. Imposing a contract that removes the faculty ability to bargain healthcare, imposes furlough days, allows adjunct faculty to receive summer assignments over full-time faculty, and in essence forces pay cuts onto the faculty, requires that the faculty strike. The AAUP-KSU believes the faculty at WSU have no current recourse but to strike.

At Kent State University, the AAUP and faculty body value the open communication and respectful relationships we share with the administration. A university cannot operate without faculty and students cannot learn and fulfill their potential without the knowledge and expertise of the faculty. We encourage the WSU administration to return to the bargaining table and work with your faculty to establish a fair contract that is good for everyone and to come together to solve your problems. We ask that you please reconsider the imposed contract and work to renew your relationship with the faculty. It is best for everyone.

AAUP-KSU Chapter


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