Letter from Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley to President Schrader and the WSU Board

Nan Whaley Logo


President Cheryl Schrader & Members of the Board of Trustees Wright State University

3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy. 260 University Hall

Dayton, OH 45435


President Schrader and Members of the Board of Trustees:

I’m writing to express my support for Wright State University, its faculty and its staff. Wright State is critical to the economic health of the Dayton region and beyond, meaning all Dayton community leaders must be invested in its success.

Given that, I encourage you to reconsider your hard line in negotiating with Wright State’s faculty, whose stellar work in teaching, mentoring, and research has built the university’s reputation and made it a top choice for area students. As a Wright State graduate, I’m grateful for the faculty who genuinely cared about me and my academic progress. The students, faculty, and staff need your support to ensure their—and Wright State’s—long-term success.

I urge you to enter into good-faith negotiations with the faculty union to prevent a faculty strike. As a leader in the Dayton region, I am cheering for Wright State’s continued success. Please let me know if there is any way that I or the city can be of service.


Nan Whaley

Mayor of Dayton



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