NTE Promotion Changes

The board/administration wants to drastically reduce job security for NTE faculty. Source: N(from%20admin)(OCR)(annotated).pdf (scroll to Article 13)

The administration’s proposal:

Continuing appointments require future NTE faculty members to serve at least 9 years of full-time service at WSU and most must serve 12 years (up from the current 6 years.)

What the Proposal Means:

 This is a horrible and divisive proposal for ALL faculty. Without any job security for up to 12 years, NTE faculty are at the mercy of Chairs and thus will not feel free to question or protest. NTE faculty turnover will increase as they look for more secure jobs. As the national and WSU trend is to turn ever more faculty positions into non- tenure lines, this will destabilize departments and will be bad for our students.

If we agree to worse terms for incoming faculty than we ourselves enjoyed, the union we have built will erode due to lack of good faith and we will gradually be less able to protect anyone.

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