Health Care Summary

The board/administration want our members on the same health care plans the rest of the university is forced to use – source: (Article 26, Exhibit H).

The board/administration unilaterally canceled the PPO 90/10 option for non-bargaining unit employees, and significantly degraded their 80/20 and HDHP options. Below, we offer a comparison of our current plan to the non-union/staff plan.

80-20 Plan

Our monthly premiums would increase significantly. See the table below for details.

80-20 Plan [2]

HD DP [1]

Our members on the HDHP would see decreased contributions from the university to their Health Savings Accounts.

HD DP [2]

The administration/board wants to reserve the right to make changes to plan coverage and rates on short notice. Simply put, the proposed changes to our healthcare are absolutely huge in terms of negative economic impact to our members.

Contemplate the cumulative effect of these increased costs over 3, 5, 10, or 20 years.


Beyond the obvious huge increases, the administration’s proposal shifts the burden to the sick and to the lowest-paid. It is clear why unilateral changes to our healthcare arrangements are not acceptable.


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