News Coverage–Videos

January 2019

We are very grateful to DATV and Citizen Impact for providing  extensive coverage of the strike.

We are very grateful to Logan Martinez and Tim Bruce, in particular, for documenting these events with tremendous patience, for giving us the opportunity to express our concerns in more than soundbites, and for personalizing those concerns in a consistently respectful way, even when emotions related to the strike have been very close to the surface.

We encourage you not just to click on these video links but also to visit DATV’s website at:


“Raider Up! WWSU S4 E2 – AAUP-WSU Strike with Dr. Noeleen McIlvenna.”
15 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Union Preparing to Strike with Both Sides Far Apart on a Deal.”
Nathan Edwards. Fox45Now 15 Jan. 2019.

“Wright State Faculty Plan for a Strike.”
WDTN 05 Jan. 2019.

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