Letter of Support from the United Faculty of Central Ohio Technical College

Central Ohio Technical College

1 February 2019

Sara Kilpatrick, Executive Director
Ohio Conference of the American Association of University Professors
222 East Town St., 2W
Columbus, OH 43215


Dear Director Kilpatrick,

The United Faculty of Central Ohio Technical College stand with the American Association of University Professors and its WSU chapter members in protecting your collective bargaining rights. We strongly urge the Schrader administration and the Wright State Board of Trustees to return to negotiations immediately.

The last best offer proposed by the WSU administration drastically diminishes shared governance, which is foundational for effective institutions of higher education. Considering the extensive financial missteps of the WSU administration, a stronger faculty voice, not a lesser, in university decisions is warranted. We stand with you against this attack on shared governance.

The attempts by the WSU administration to strip away the collective bargaining rights for health care, working conditions, and salary erode the value of WSU faculty. Such actions also dramatically undermine Wright State University’s vision of “inclusive culture that respects the unique value of each of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni and for the positive transformative impact we have on the lives of our students”.

We strongly urge the WSU administration to reconsider their proposal and return to the table and bargain in good faith to better serve the mission and vison of the University.

In Solidarity,

Martin Schmerr, Ph.D.

United Faculty of Central Ohio Technical College, President


Message of Support from the Antioch College Community Council

Antioch College
The faculty of neighboring Wright State University (WSU) have gone on strike as a result of many poor conditions being imposed on both the WSU faculty and students, including overbearing class loads, increasing class sizes that are already too large, and more. The strike was democratically initiated by 85% of union voters. The WSU Branch of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) press release can be found here. More information about the strike can be found here.
It is vital that the action is shown as much support as possible in order for it to be successful; therefore the Community Council encourages the community to participate in the picket lines and to post your support on social media with the hashtag #Fighting4Wright. Anyone interested in carpooling to the picket line can contact Ben Timmester (btimmester@antiochcollege.edu).
In Solidarity,
Antioch College Community Council

Letter of Support from the American Federation of Musicians, Local 101-473

American Federations of Musicians

January 30, 2019


Marty Kich, President AAUP-WSU

113 Medical Sciences Building Wright State University

3640 Colonel Glenn Highway Dayton, Ohio 45435-0001


Dear President Kich:

On behalf of the American Federation of Musicians, Local 101-473, we are writing to express our full support to AAUP-WSU in your negotiations with the administration of Wright State University.

The imposed contract by Wright State’s administration strikes at the very core of the collective bargaining process; we support you in your efforts to achieve a better quality of education for your students, better working conditions, and the preservation of union rights.

We stand in solidarity with you and all other Unions in calling on President Schrader and the executive board of Wright State to end this standstill and negotiate in good faith for the benefit of all.

In solidarity,

Kweku Ayangade

President, AFM Local 101-473


Resolution of Support Passed by the Otterbein University Faculty Assembly

Otterbein University

The Otterbein Faculty Assembly voted to approve the resolution that appears below:

Whereas, the Otterbein Faculty Assembly supports the principles of collective bargaining at public institutions of higher education and shared governance;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the Otterbein Faculty Assembly supports the WSU faculty in their effort to defend quality education and we urge the WSU administration to return to negotiations to bargain in good faith.


Letter of Support from the Associated Faculties of the University of Maine

Affiliated with the Maine Education Association & National Education Association

Associated Faculties of U of Maine



Dear Dr. Kich,

At its monthly meeting on January 26th, the Executive Committee of the Associated Faculties of the Universities of Maine (AFUM) unanimously approved a motion expressing its wholehearted support for Wright State faculty in their labor dispute with the WSU administration. Our union represents 1114 lecturers, instructors, and professors who serve on seven campuses of the University of Maine System, and, regrettably, we can all too easily identify with the stark and unfair conditions that are being imposed upon your membership.

The tactics employed by WSU Board of Trustees and senior administrators threaten to diminish the quality of education and research at the very institution they should be working to advance. Faculty are the lifeblood of every university, and nothing is gained by imposing conditions that deny them their due role in governance, erode the protections of tenure, weaken program viability through faculty retrenchments, and undermine morale through wage decreases in the guise of austerity furloughs and draconian revisions to health care premiums.

On behalf of our membership, and in concert with the many other expressions of support already posted on your website, we wish you every success in your action. We strongly urge the WSU President to return to the bargaining table, and to work productively toward a fair settlement.

In solidarity,

Jim McClymer, PhD, AFUM President

Jamie Moreira, PhD, AFUM Vice President


Letter of Support from Dayton Education Association

Dayton Education Association

January 29, 2019


With the unanimous support of the Dayton Education Association Executive  Board, I am writing today on behalf of our 1,000 Members, to let you know you have our support in your fight for a fair contract. We are following your fight and making in-kind donations to the cause. The unfair tactics that the trustees have employed to try to pull you apart have not worked and of that you can be proud. We are proud of you as you continue to stand for what is right.

As such, and as an additional gesture of the support of the Dayton Education Association, we will be sending a donation of $100.00 to AAUP-WSU in the hopes that you can continue to work to bring this to a quick and successful resolution.

David A. Romick

President, Dayton Education Association