Contract, Workload Agreements, and MOUs

Current Contract

AAUP-WSU CBA 2019-2023

Workload Agreements

NTE Workload Agreement

TET Workload Agreement

Corrected Link in Both Workload Agreements to MOU on Workload in Music:

Guide to Acronyms

Guide to Acronyms

Guide to Calculating Minimum Salaries and FAQ on the Role of Student Evaluations in the Promotion and Tenure Process

Calculating Minimum Salaries

FAQ on Student Evaluations in P&T Process


MOU on Offering Voluntary Faculty Incentives

Agreement Concerning Crediting Time Served for NTE Appointments

MOU on Equity and Inclusion CBA Language

MOU Spring and Summer 2021 Conversion of Failing Grades for Undergraduates

2020-12-08 MOU Summer and Fall 2020 Conversion of Failing Grades for Undergraduate Students

2020-04-09 Requesting to Remove Student Evaluations in Faculty Evaluations for Spring 2020

2020-03-25 [1] Extension of Promotion and Tenure Timeline as a Result of COVID-19.

2020-03-25 [2] Spring 2020 Opt-in Pass/Unsatisfactory Option for Undergraduate students

2020-03-25 [3]Spring 2020 Opt-in Pass/Unsatisfactory Option for Graduate students

2020-03-12Faculty VRIP  Agreement for Spring 2020

2019-09-25 Health Care Tiers

2019-05-23 Minimum Compensation for Teaching in Summer 2019

2018-09-12 One-Semester Special Fellowship Leaves

2018-01-04 Agreement Regarding Promotion and Tenure Schedule

2016-09-07 Agreement on Summer Teaching and Program Distance Learning Courses

2016-09-07 Agreement Concerning the 2018-2019 Academic Calendar

2016-09-07 Agreement Regarding Student Evaluations

2016-07-14 Agreement to Change the Deadline for Submitting Article 15 Decisions to Arbitration

2016-04-25 Agreement Regarding University Promotion and Tenure Committee Membership

2016-01-22 Agreement Regarding Multi-Section Distance Learning Courses that Include College Credit Plus (CCP) Students with five appendices:

2015-11-10 MOU on Adjustments to Standard Workload Offered to Incoming Faculty

2015-09-16 Agreement Regarding the HDHP Medical Insurance Plan

2015-09-15 MOU on Outside Letters for Promotion and Tenure

2015-09-09 Agreement to Count Visiting Professor Service as Years at the Lecturer or Instructor Rank

2015-08-05 Agreement to Revise Standard Teaching for TET Faculty at Lake Campus

2015-08-05 Agreement Regarding Questions for Online Student Evaluations

2015-08-05 Agreement to Permit Extensions of Special Fellowship Leaves

2015-08-05 Agreement Regarding Committees in the College of Nursing and Health for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

2015-08-05 Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Standard Teaching Loads in the College of Nursing and Health

2015-05-01 Agreement to Revise CBA Provisions Regarding the Distribution of Course Releases for AAUP-WSU Officers and Negotiating Team Members

2015-05-01 Agreement Regarding Revisions to the College of Nursing and Health Bylaws

2015-03-30 Agreement Concerning Special Demand Distance Learning Classes

2015-02-26 Agreement Concerning Use of Sick Days for Teaching Activities

2015-01-12 Agreement Regarding University Contributions to Health Savings Accounts

2014-10-30 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Concerning Peer Evaluations of Teaching Needed for Promotion to Senior Lecturer or to Clinical Assistant Professor

2014-09-11 Agreement to Revise Workload Provisions Pursuant to Provisions in the 2014-2017 TET and NTE Collective Bargaining Agreements

2014-09-11 Agreement to Consider Five Years of Scholarship in the Evaluations of TET Faculty Conducted in 2015

2014-05-23 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Video-Based Distance Education in Computer Engineering and Computer Science (CECS)

2014-04-12 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Approval of Bylaws Amendments

2014-02-24 Memorandum of Understanding Regarding the Promotion and Tenure Schedule for 2014-2015

2013-12-05 Memorandum of Understanding [pertaining to] Bargaining Unit Faculty Workload in the Department of Music

2013-12-03 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Use of LEAP Teaching Evaluations

2013-11-18 Agreement Regarding Development of Materials

2013-09-25 Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Criteria for Promotion to Senior Lecturer or Clinical Assistant Professor Applicable to Those Undergoing the Promotion Process during the Academic Year 2013-2014

2013-09-20 Memorandum of Understanding Pertaining to Distance Learning for TET Bargaining Unit Faculty

2013-09-20 Memorandum of Understanding Pertaining to Workload for NTE Bargaining Unit Faculty

2012-04-13 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Scan of University Email Stores for Sensitive Data

2012-03-07 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning HMO Coverage

2011-08-03 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Promotion Increases Implemented in Summer 2011

2011-02-21 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning the Coverage of Older Adult Children

2011-02-21 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Staffing of the University Promotion and Tenure Committee

2010-11-12 Memorandum of Understanding on Workload Transitioning from Quarters to Semesters

2009-11-30 Agreement Regarding Special Format Courses

2009-07-07 Agreement Concerning a Semester Calendar

2009-07-07 Agreement Concerning Participation in the Employee Severance Plan

2009-04-03 Agreement Concerning Grant Support, Administrative Assignments, and Summer Teaching

2009-03-02 Memo of Understanding Concerning Workload and Conversion to Semesters

2007-10-01 WSU Faculty Requests to Purchase Non-Standard Computer Equipment

2001-03-09 Memorandum of Understanding Concerning Transitional Procedures for Promotion and Tenure and Annual [Evaluation]


Past Contracts:

2014-2017 NTE CBA

2014-2017 TET CBA